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About Servicios y Seguridad Covadonga S.L.



            Services and Security Covadonga S.L. (S.S.COVADONGA) is a company founded in 1992, after 30 years dedicated to the world of road signs and after being a pioneer in the handling, distribution and confection of materials and reflective garments.

From our headquarters in C / Mar Mediterráneo, No. 2, Nave 15, 28830 of San Fernando de Henares in Madrid we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of high visibility products as well as the manufacture and distribution of signaling products and personal safety products and vial.

 We take into account the regulatory and regulatory requirements that apply to us. That is why since 2017 we belong to the National Association of Manufacturers of Personal Protection Equipment (ASEPAL).

             In S.S.COVADONGA we have our own Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001. This Quality Management System is complemented with a Continuous Improvement Process, applied to all spheres of our business activity.


             The vision of S.S.COVADONGA is to become the Spanish manufacturer of high visibility garments with the highest quality products and providing the best customer service.

             In our sector few companies manufacture in Spain and most of the products are imported. In S.S.COVADONGA we believe that it is still possible to manufacture in Spain with the highest quality guarantees, not only in terms of the materials used, but also in our manufacturing processes. We achieve this with the certifications and with the high added value that we incorporate into our products.


             The mission of S.S.COVADONGA is to always offer the best possible service, provide a high responsiveness and great flexibility in the face of the changes required by its clients.

             To do this, we try to make our employees feel aligned and feel that their work really contributes to achieving the objectives set by the company.

             In S.S.COVADONGA we believe that our activity has a real impact on society since personal and road safety in Spain still has a lot of room for improvement. High visibility products that are used in Spain are usually of minimum quality and companies acquire them by price rather than quality.

             At S.S.COVADONGA we are convinced that many accidents in Spain can be avoided both on public roads and in companies, improving signaling and using certified products of higher quality that comply with international regulations.


Among the corporate values of S.S.COVADONGA we can mention the following:

Speed and reliability in the preparation and delivery of the orders we receive.

Personalized attention to all our clients, offering the possibility of manufacturing custom-made products in small quantities.

Maximum commitment to satisfy the requests of our clients. We intend that all our employees feel fulfilled by having contributed the best of each one.

Flexibility before the changes required by our clients.

Respect, tolerance and trust among all employees

Collaboration among all employees, which are firmly aligned to achieve the company's objectives.

Freedom and creativity available to our employees to solve the needs of our customers as efficiently as possible.



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